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Introducing The Revolutionary-System Concept Packaging (RSCP™)

We listen to our customers so that we can better understand their needs and design packaging products to help them transport their goods in a more efficient and cost-effective way. When one of our clients was experiencing a common and costly problem of protruding nails in the conventional pallet that damaged their goods, they turned to us for help. As a result, we created the world's first internationally patented, nail-free wooden pallet—Revolutionary-System Concept Packaging (RSCP™). The RSCP™ design has also been expanded to include boxes, crates and skids. It is a truly innovative packaging solution that has since been adopted by many of our other clients.

The RSCP™ was designed with the following green principles in mind:

  • Reduce - Our patented design enables you to save up to 20% to 60% of the material cost, which ultimately translates to weight and freight cost savings.
  • Reuse - Used RSCP™ pallets can be cannibalised for components in new ones.
  • Recycle - Facilitates the recycling process as the RSCP™ design eliminates the use of metallic fasteners, for example, in Japan such metallic fasteners must be manually removed before the recycling process. In addition, RSCP™ pallets can be readily recycled into chipboards, fiberboards or sent for energy recovery.

As the RSCP™ is a design concept, it can be applied across different materials to produce packaging solutions that best suit the individual client’s needs. Apart from creating RSCP™ packaging products from conventional materials like plywood, the RSCP™ is also compatible for use with other unique materials like the Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The OSB material an eco-friendly choice for eco-conscious consumers. It has even been accredited as a Four Star timber product. In addition, many companies in the United States and United Kingdom are utilising the OSB material for building “Green Homes” as it is weather-proof.

In Salpac, we have combined the two outstanding components of our RSCP™ design and the OSB material to produce eco-friendly packaging products that are characterised by excellent technical attributes such as high load-bearing, dimensional stability and easy processing.

Create your own RCSP™ packaging solution from our range of materials: Oriented Strand Board, Plywood, Chipboard

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